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DIY 3D Scanner

Based on Photogrammetry, the 3d Scanner is compatible with various cameras, so that simple smartphones or DSLR can be used. In order to create a 3d model, the device captures pictures from various views and using Freeware or the OpenScanCloud, it is possible to create a highly accurate 3D model with or without texture.

Scanner Kits - we offer various DIY kits for beginners and advanced

3d-printable design offers a lot of flexibility and can be modified to match the individual requirements

A growing number of detailed tutorials will help getting started


2. digital

point cloud

1. Your Object

3. 3d model ready for

3d printing

Object to 3d model

Low-budget and high quality 3d scanning device, that are fully open-source and modular.

In many fields, like 3d printing, modeling, reverse engineering, product presentation or photography, an accurate 3d scan gives you many new possibilities

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The Scanner is compatible with various smartphones and DSLR cameras. High accuracy of 50 micron or better is achievable

Open Hardware

All of our developement is open-source, that anyone can use and improve it.

There is a wide range of freely available software, which you can use to create your 3D models from photos

Modular Design

The controller board can be easily adjusted to fit other setups and thus can be used in professional environments.

Similar to the 3D printing community, a rising number of people is working with 3d scanners in various fields. 

Made locally

We use local structures for manufacturing. All components are assembled in Germany and tested for their functionality.

The Scan Quality

OpenScan Classic

Compatible with Pi Camera modules, DSLR and smartphones Scan volume: up to 18x18x18cm

OpenScan Mini

Compatible with Pi Camera modules Scan volume: 9x9x9cm ideal for miniatures, dental models and jewelry

The Scanners


Thanks to an ever-growing number of OpenScan supporters , it has become possible for us to offer a free/donation-based cloud platform for calculating the 3D models. The captured images can be uploaded directly from the device and the 3D scan is created completely automatically. No local software or hardware is required! Of course, one of the free or commercial photogrammetry solutions can be used alternatively and locally on your machine.



The modular electronics

OpenScan - RPi full set3.jpg


We offer our 3d-scan-kits and various accessories.

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