OpenScan Mini - Close to completion (hardware)

This is definitely the most complicated design I have worked on so far... But it is almost done. It took me three iterations for the overall design and another four to get all fittings and especially the cable management right. By now, I am very happy and I will publish the files after a final (?!) test print :)) There are basically two structural parts, the ring and the base, which take nine and four hours to print respectively. The front and back plate are optional and only for aesthetic reasons ;) Furthermore you will need a small gear and some object holders, which will come in different labeled sizes. So the total printing time should be well-below 24h. This design is fully compatible w

Rebuilding the website

I have launched this website in November 2018 and since then many new 3d scanner designs and information were added. In order to have a website-structure that allows for further development of the OpenScan project, I am currently working on rebuilding the whole site. So it can be possible, that there are some errors in the process. Please let me know if you face any issues (i.e. displaying problems or missing content :) I will add several new categories, rearrange the overall structure to make it clearer and add and feed this blog section as my central point of communicating news and developments.


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