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OpenScan Mini


The OpenScan Mini is fully compatible with the existing Pi-Shield and Firmware! You can use either the picamera 1.3, v2.1 or the Arducam IMX519 with this scanner (see the blog for the most recent updates)

Bill of Material:​​

  • Raspberry Pi 3, 3B+ or 4

  • Pi Camera v2.1 (8mpx) with 50cm ribbon cable or Arducam IMX519 with Autofocus and 16mpx

  • OpenScan Ringlight + 50cm JST-XH 3P cable

  • OpenScan Pi Shield

  • Nema 17 Stepper Motor

  • 2x A4988 Stepper driver

  • 12V 2A Power Supply

  • 25x M3x8mm

3D Printing the parts

All parts are designed printer-friendly and are thoroughly tested. Still, the print results and especially the clearances might vary from printer to printer. Please print the tester first to see whether your settings are dialed in properly.

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