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The remote release for various smartphone models is based on a Bluetooth module (v.3) and is modified by us so that it can be connected directly to the control unit of the scanner. According to the manufacturer, the module is compatible with Android 4.1.1, 4.2.2 and newer as well as iOS 6.0 and newer. We always collect new experiences and so far we can confirm this compatibility without exception. Should problems arise, we will take care of an individual solution.

For SLRs and system cameras, we offer an infrared remote shutter control, that works with many camera models. Since there are unfortunately no standard connections for system cameras, we ask for special requests and prior contact, as we can clarify whether or how the triggering of the individual camera can be achieved.

In addition to the Bluetooth module, a CR2032 3V button cell is needed, which is NOT included in this offer.

Remote Shutter Control for Android/iOS

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    • CR2032 3V button cell is not included
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