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Compatible with Arduino Version only!!


Attention: a maximum of one order per person or per scanner :) Feedback on the functionality is highly appreciated and will help us improve the products.

This camera remote shutter control is currently in the test phase, so we offer it with a huge discount. We would like to point out that we cannot yet guarantee camera compatibility. We will fully reimburse the cost of the trigger if it does not work or, alternatively, provides another remote shutter control. The remote triggering is based on the open-source library multiCameraIrControl.h by Sebastian Setz, who has compiled various trigger codes. Unfortunately, since 2016, the original project page is no longer available, so we have to make new compatibility tests. The product offered here is compatible with our scanner board and can be plugged directly into the control unit.

This offer is aimed at hobbyists who want to help further expand the compatibility of the scanner and thus its possible applications.

So far we can confirm the functionality with the following models:

  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Sony Alpha


According to our research, the shutter should work with the following cameras, but this information does not cover all compatible models and is based on statements of third parties.

Canon EOS 350D Minolta F300 Nikon D3000 Olympus E-3 Pentax K10

Canon EOS 450D Nikon D7000 Olympus E-300 Pentax K100D Super

Canon EOS 550D Nikon D40 Olympus E-410 Pentax K200D

Canon EOS 600D Nikon D50 Olympus E-510 Pentax K7

Canon EOS 700D Nikon D80 Pentax S1

Canon EOS M Nikon D90 Pentax WG-1

Canon EOS D5 Mark II Pentax X5

Canon EOS D6

Canon EOS D7


Infrared remote shutter

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  • !!Compatible with Arduino Version only!!


    Since we can not influence further processing and the application of the products, no liability for damages of any kind can be assumed. Buying and using this article means, that you have basic knowledge of working with electronic devices and know the necessary security precautions. It is further assumed that sufficient skills and basic knowledge are available in dealing with active and passive electronic components.

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