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Typical 3D printer engines


Size: 4.3x4.3x6cm

Steps: 200

Step angle: 1.8 °

Holding torque: 40Ncm or 13 Ncm

Rated current / phase: 1A

Connection: JST 6P


Cable: 1m JST XH 4P connector

Stepper motor Nema 17 - 40Ncm incl. 1m cable

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    • shipping within the EU might take between 7 and 15 days
    • We will ship from Germany with DHL (International)
  • Since we can not influence further processing and the application of the products, no liability for damages of any kind can be assumed. Buying and using this article means, that you have basic knowledge of working with electronic devices and know the necessary security precautions. It is further assumed that sufficient skills and basic knowledge are available in dealing with active and passive electronic components.

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