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This 3D scanner Set includes the PCB and all necessary electronic components that need to be soldered onto it. Even for soldering-beginners, this set offers a great start.

In order to build a fully functional scanner, you need some additional parts. If you need help or do not have access to a 3D printer, feel free to contact us.

  • This set includes:
  • PCB
  • Pin Header for Arduino Nano, LCD, Stepper motor driver and camera remote
  • Resistor, Capacitor and Optocoupler
  • Linear Voltage Regulator (12V->5V)
  • Push buttons and slide switch
  • DuPont-Cable for the Display
  • M3 Bolts and nuts + metal pin

The following modules and elements can be connected to the control unit (not included in this offer):

  • Arduino Nano v3.0 5V
  • Two Stepper Motors (e.g. Nema 17)
  • Two Stepper motor drivers (e.g. A4988)
  • LCD I2C 20x4
  • Voltage Supply (recommended 12V, 2A)
  • Remote Camera shutter control
  • Ring light/macro flash

3D Scanner - PCB + components

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