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3D Scan Gallery

All these scans have been done with one of the OpenScan devices and either my FujiS100FS (till mid 2019) and then with the Pi Camera (8mpx and sometimes 12mpx). Most scans show the raw and unmodified result. Some of the scans had to be combined from two individual scans, but I have never spend more then 20 minutes on a single scan (manual post-processing). Usually, one set of images contains between 100 and 200 photos.

I have used various programs to create the results: Meshroom, VisualSFM + Cloudcompare, Reality Capture and besides some massiv reconstruction time differences, the overall results are quite similar.

Miniature2-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-comb

3d printed Miniature

Pi Camera (8mpx)

ringlight, without polarizer

dental model-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-co

Dental model

raw scan from 78 photos

black chalk spray to prepare the object

scanned with OpenScan Pi Mini

Jewelry-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combine

Jewelry - Ring

chalk spray

FujiS100FS with ringlight + polarizer

Car Part-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi- 3d mo

Replacement part

combined two scans

white chalk spray

Fuji S100FS with ringlight

Benchy000-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combi

3d printed Benchy01

Pi camera (8mpx)

First iteration of my scan+print+scan+print experiment

raw scan

Benchy050-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combi

3d printed Benchy50

Pi camera (8mpx)

after 50 times scanning and printing the result

(I went up to 100 iterations)

Romanesco-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combi


no object preparation needed

FujiS100FS with ringlight

raw scan

S51-3D-scan with OpenScan

S51 part

combined two scans

manually retouched the wholes

FujiS100FS with ringlight + polarizer

Model Car-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combi

Model car

strong smoothing applied

ringlight + chalk spray

combined two scans

Bow handle-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-comb

Sport bow handle

combined two scans

strongly smoothed model

no object preparation needed

Ring Gauge-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi HQ-c

Ring Gauge (HQ)

scanned with HQ Pi Camera + Ringlight and polarizer

note that the embossing is visible

<0.01mm accuracy on 50mm object

Miniature-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combi

Metal-cast Miniature

view and download on Sketchfab

no object preparation needed

Pi camera (8mpx)

ringlight + polarizer (absolutely needed)

Security Key -3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-c

"Security" Key

two different colors of chalk spray (not necessary ;)

ringlight without polarizer (with would be better)

added handle for better printability (and it works...)

Crystal-3D-scan with OpenScan Pi-combine



Ringlight + Polarizer

raw scan

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