Other fun projects :)

Here, I would like to present other projects and scanner-iterations following the slogans:​


The proof of the pudding is in the eating​

Laziness is the mother of invention ;)

Currently featuring:

- Wheel-Scanner (Previous built of a 3D Scanner with a semi-stationary object and moving camera)

- DIY Soldering Robot (in order to partly fabricate the control units of the scanner)



Status: ongoing

Aim: Cheap and fast Scanner for human face/head and/or medium sized objects

+ first try of a multi-cam rig :)


Lessons learned: 

  • Don't use longer camera cables as they won't work due to interference

  • Wire Management is quite a serious business

  • ...

OpenScan Cloud


Status: ongoing

Aim: Add various functions to the OpenScan User Interface, e.g. feature preview, feedback on the scan quality, possibly one-click online reconstruction

Lessons learned: 

  • DSGVO is important

  • There are great libraries available, that might have quite a potential..

Larger Scanner


Status: ongoing/paused

Aim: Larger Scan Volume

Lessons learned: 

  • need new controller with support for 3 stepper motors + endstops

  • difficult to control lighting

  • aluminium extrusion is a great material and can be easily combined with 3d printed parts :))



Status: canceled

Aim: 3D Scanner using photogrammetry and one axis for the camera and one for the turntable

Lessons learned: 

  • great feedback from the community

  • quite inflexible, as the distance between camera and object can hardly be varied

  • weak design, as the construction is quite wobbly

  • PLA is a great material and surprisingly stiff and can be easily modified/filed

  • compatible with the current scanner sketch and only minor changes to some parameters are needed

DIY Soldering Robot

status: activ

Aim: Automating the soldering process for small-scale production of the scanner control units

Lessons learned: 

  • at the beginning the overwhelming feedback was: "this will never work"...

  • after not even 20h in the process, I've achieved a success rate of 92/100 soldering points

  • No need for professional equipement ;)

  • a lot of fine-tuning of the tool-path and timing are necessary

  • ...