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OpenScan Classic


  • most versatile scanner

  • scan volume of 18x18x18cm (can be extended)

  • lot of existing mods available on thingiverse

  • can be used with pi cameras (v1.3, 2.1 and HQ), various Arducam cameras (e.g. IMX519 with 16mpx), many DSLRs and smartphones

Getting Started

3D printable files & Build instruction

Download the 3d printable files here (make sure to read the description for print settings and some more details)

If you are using the Pi Shield v1 with this scanner, please download the 3d printable controller board mount here:

Bill of Materials:

I offer two full-kits, which include all the respective parts: Pi-Version, Arduino Version

Pi Version:

Accessories (optional):

For more details on the controller board see:

The user manual can be found on GitHub​ (building, first start, tips & tricks)

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