OpenScan Classic


  • most versatile scanner

  • scan volume of 18x18x18cm (can be extended)

  • lot of existing mods available on thingiverse

  • compatible with both the Arduino Shield and the Pi Shield v1

  • can be used with pi cameras (v1.3, 2.1 and HQ), various Arducam cameras (e.g. IMX519 with 16mpx), many DSLRs and smartphones

Getting Started

3D printable files & Build instruction

Download the 3d printable files here (make sure to read the description for print settings and some more details)

There is a four part video series on this scanner (in German, but auto-translated subtitles seem to work good enough):

But, to be honest, I would prefer the written manual:

If you are using the Pi Shield v1 with this scanner, please read its documentation and download the 3d printable controller board mount here:

Bill of Materials:

I offer two full-kits, which include all the respective parts: Pi-Version, Arduino Version

Arduino Version:

  • 1x LCD I2C 20x4

  • 1x Arduino Shield (pre-soldered, solder-yourself, plain)

  • 8x M3x8mm, 10x M3x12mm, 8x M3 nuts, 50x6mm steel rod (all small parts included in the Arduino Shield kits)

  • 1x 10cm 4P Dupont cable m-f, 2x 1m stepper motor cable

Pi Version:

Accessories (optional):

For more details on the controller boards see: