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Here we will collect all information on our 3D Scanner

Aufbau & Betrieb


Since the video tutorial quality was not the best, I would like to refer to the user manual, which shows the individual steps in detail. If there are any questions or additional information is needed, I would be very happy to receive feedback so that I can complete the instructions accordingly.

The instructions and User Manual can be freely downloaded via the links here.


Shopping List & Accessories

Download - Sketch & printable Files


3D printable files (.stl)



Design-File - Sketchup .skp


Arduino Sketch + Pre-compiled binary



PCB Layout



The PCB and all components as offered in our shop.



Please let me know if there were construction issues so I can revise and share them!


  • CR2032 Insert the button cell in the compartment on the back and turn it on with the small white switch on the side. Pair the device with your smartphone as a usual bluetooth device

  • ATTENTION! Connect the two pins of the bluetooth device to the very right pins on the controler board labeled "opto". Using other pins will damage the bluetooth device and/or the controler  board


  • On the back of the LCD there is a white screw in blue housing. Use this screw to adjust the contrast of the display once you setup your scanner

Stepper motor driver A4988

  • By default, nothing has to be set on the stepper motor drivers! Only if the motors have too little torque and the tilting arm may not be properly deflected, you can carefully increase the voltage via the small potentiometer (note the maximum current of the motor)

Picture Sets



Set 1 - Shell

  • Iphone 4S

  • 77MB

  • VisualSFM --> CloudCompare --> Meshmixer


Possible Improvements:

  • pictures are slightly over-exposed


Set 2 - Flower

  • Fuji S100FS (11Megapixel with good macro mode)

  • 92 photos

  • 224MB

  • Cropping in GIMP / BIMP

  • VisualSFM --> CloudCompare --> Meshmixer

  • Reconstruction time (VisualSFM): 10min

  • Post-Processing: (Cloudcompare): 5min

Possible Improvements:

  • slightly over-exposed

  • bad ratio of background to object (cropping would have helped)

  • some pictures did not get recognized in the software --> more photos/features


Set 3 - Key

  • Fuji S100FS

  • 50 photos

  • 167MB

  • Cropping with GIMP / BIMP

  • VisualSFM --> CloudCompare --> Meshmixer

  • Reconstruction time (VisualSFM): 2min

  • Post-processing: (Cloudcompare): 5min

Possible improvements:

  • some images on the front side could not be arranged correctly (too few feature)

  • Minimization of reflections by ring light and polarization filter necessary
  • nevertheless it got a working result with very little post-processing


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