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Since the subject of 3D scanning by photogrammetry is still relatively new in the Makerszene and we are convinced that this low-cost process has great applications, we are working diligently on new tutorials / tutorials and the documentation of the project.

Since the scanner is still a very young product and we are constantly working on the improvement, we collect all the information in the following area:

Scanner - Build instruction und Troubleshooting

Similar to 3D printing, every user has to go through a rather steep learning curve at the beginning. If you take this route and follow the existing tutorials, you can easily create 3D scans on an industrial-like level. To make this way a little more easy and to make the possibilities even more accessible to people, some tutorials have already been created:

Tutorials 3D Scan - Software

In addition, here is an overview of the basics in the field of photography, which every user of photogrammetry should know, to prevent possible disappointment. Even with a smartphone camera, you can create detailed 3D models with little effort, observing certain basic principles. Before starting to build the photogrammetry rig, you should just take your camera and practice the shown principles on an easy-to-scan object like a stone or a piece of wood:

Basic knowledge - photogrammetry

During the developement of the 3D Scanner there have been a couple of other interesting side-projects. If you would like to present your project, feel free to contact us via the contact form and immortalize yourself next to other exciting projects on the following page :)

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