OpenScanCloud is a state-of-the-art photogrammetry processing pipeline, which is very robust, precise and needs minimal user intervention!

And the best feature: Due to a great community and several donations, I can offer this service for free (and hope to keep it that way as long as possible)

I have been working on this feature for a long time, and it is getting close to completion. I am happy to introduce the OpenScan Cloud, where you will be able to automatically process the image sets from the OpenScan devices. Of course, you will always be able to do the processing locally, but I hope that this step will make the OpenScan device even more user-friendly.

Current State:

2022-01-05 Included OpenScanCloud capabilities to the OpenScan Firmware, so that any device can use the cloud processing feature

2021-20-12 added texture to the produced 3d model. The servers already processed 1TB+ of data and slowly I get more an dmore confident as the number of errors decreased drastically :))

2021-09-14 After a full reset, I had to rewrite all code and rebuild a new server infrastructure. But fortunately, this solved some older issues and the new setup is way more robust and scalable ... See GitHub for more details and the most recent code

2020-02-15 There have been several very successful tests, and I am really happy with the overall functionality. For further general purpose testing, I have added a (temporary valid) public Cloud ID which can be used to test the service. A detailed setup instruction can be found on Github

Please note, that for future use, you will need a private Cloud ID, which you can get by email ( Please let me know which device you are using and/or what your main use case will be. Thank you

2020-02-05 still very early phase of testing. People who are able to access their Raspberry Pi via command line are welcome to join the testing. Please register below to get your Cloud ID and an instruction on how to setup the user interface. (It might take several days for me to answer :)

Main Features:

  • one-time setup by registering with name + email address

  • one click to upload the files and start the processing

  • the result will be made available via dropbox link and can be downloaded via the OpenScan User Interface (see below)

  • some automated feedback on the reconstruction & quality of the result


  • There will be a credit-based usage limit for each user. I will try to keep this limit as high as possible, but I will need to see how much load the servers will be able to handle. Anyway, the system is designed to be scalable, and I intend to cover the cost with some kind of voluntary monthly subscription model. Currently, the running the servers is paid by donations, so please consider joining the great group of supporters

  • In order to improve the system's capabilities, I will use the uploaded image sets to further test and refine the reconstruction algorithm. Please bear in mind not to upload any sensitive material.

  • file storage 7 days