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Please add "OPENSCAN MINI" as a remark on checkout, since it requires some longer cables.


Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B, 3 B+

The Raspberry Pi Shield allows easy control of the scanner via abrowser interface. Raspberry Pi cameras and external cameras can be used. The software can be adapted to various 2-axis scanner setups.



Currently the software is still in the test phase and there will be regular updates. The basic functionality is available. The control software is open source, so that individual adaptation is possible and very welcome :)


Type "self-soldering":

- Circuit board

- Pin header

- Optocoupler

- 2x Mosfet

- resistor

- plugs

- M3 bolts and nuts

- 6mm bolt

- capacitors


Type "already soldered"

- ready-to-use control unit (without Raspberry Pi)


Not included in this offer:

- Raspberry pi

- Voltage supply

- Stepper motor drivers & motors

Raspberry Pi Shield

PriceFrom €33.00
    • we ship worldwide
    • shipping within the EU might take between 7 and 15 days
    • We will ship from Germany with DHL (International)

    Since we can not influence further processing and the application of the products, no liability for damages of any kind can be assumed. Buying and using this article means, that you have basic knowledge of working with electronic devices and know the necessary security precautions. It is further assumed that sufficient skills and basic knowledge are available in dealing with active and passive electronic components.

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