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23. Sept. 2020
In Updates
Trying to generate a lot of scan pictures. However whenever my combination of rotations and vertical positions works out to more than about 400 images the program (classic mode) stalls and hangs. Stopping the routine doesn't do anything, the current status just hangs at "--stopping--" and a reboot and even shutdown and power up lets you restart the routine, it just moves the rotator to the starting position and hangs. The only thing to do at this point that seems to work is reformatting the memory card. Any thoughts? ------ Here's the fix for anyone interested. The problem is that they system chokes if the zip file being created for eventual download exceeds 4GB. Change line 195 in "Run Routine" from: with ZipFile("/home/pi/shared/", "a") as zip: to: with ZipFile("/home/pi/shared/", "a", allowZip64=True) as zip:


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