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Jasper Buyle
24. Okt. 2021
In Einsteigerfragen + FAQ
Hello everyone, I have built an open scan a couple of months ago but somehow have not had much succes with it. I want to scan small intrinsic mechanical parts to reproduce them with a 3d printer. I have tried scanning multiple objects but have never succeeded in getting any 3d rendering at all... its getting frustrating that i cant figure it out.. I have tried with multiple software packages like VSFM , Meshroom , Zephyr3d but still.. I have altered the scanner to be in an enclosure with LED strips 360 degrees around scanner. I have made marking on the turntable platform to have more pattern recognition. I have added a green screen to mask te openscan device out of the picture. All i have tried keep giving me the same results where VSFM thinks all pictures still are coming from a single point instead of rotating the images around the cloudmesh. Camera is an Iphone 8. I added an example picture just to get a sense of the setup. Could somebody point out my mistake please? I am starting to think its something with the EXIF info giving the same geolocation... i am going crazy
Cant get a single scan going, help point out my mistake content media
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